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    Uttar Pradesh Tour Package

    Uttar Pradesh, is the 4th largest state of India which is situated in the heart of the Country well-beautified with rich cultural diversity and deep religious significance. Uttar Pradesh is well-decorated with many blue water lakes, greatest rivers like Ganges and Yamuna, lush green fields and valleys, vast landscape and nature-hills. Blessed with enormous amount of water-level, Uttar Pradesh is one of the top feeding capital states of India which produces an excellent amount of agricultural goods that are exported throughout the country and world-wide.

    Uttar Pradesh, is popularly known as “Home of one of the seven wonders of the World”, Taj Mahal which generated huge amounts of revenue for the state and the Country. Not only Taj Mahal however, the state is also famous for rich culture, exquisite jewelry, enchanting wildlife, mouth-watering cuisines, ancient history and monuments, religious centers and sacred shrines, holy rivers, agriculture, folk music and dance forms, art and handicrafts. Along with this, Uttar Pradesh is home to the oldest living city in the world – Varanasi and home of the first classical dance form – Kathak.

    Uttar Pradesh, is one of the oldest places in the Country which can be seen in great Hindu epics – Ramayana and Mahabharata as the land is birthplace of Lord Ram and Lord Krishna, incarnation faces of Lord Vishnu (The Preserver and one of three main gods in Hinduism) due to which the state is rich is numerous religious places and shrines which attracts people from all over the globe. In addition to this, the state has so many enchanting attractions which you must visit including Kashi or Varanasi which is considered the abode of Lord Shiva and his consort Goddess Parvati and home of world’s largest and beautiful river fronts with 84 ghats dedicated to different Gods and stories.

    Uttar Pradesh Tour Packages, will share the perfect glimpse of the rich cultural diversity of this state where you can have taste of some of the lip-smacking cuisines like Samosa, Kachori, Kebabs cooked with Nawabi-style and many more snacks. Along with this, the state is well-known for total number of 2,230 fairs and festivals which are held annually all around the state in which the most popular ones are Deepawali (celebrated to worship Goddess Lakshmi), Holi (celebrated to worship Lord Krishna), Navratri (9-day festival celebrate to worship Goddess Durga, incarnation of Parvati, wife of Lord Shiva) and Kumbh Mela – world’s largest fair (celebrated by all the Hindus to worship Lord Shiva). Kumbh Mela is celebrated once in every 12 years at Prayagraj and Ardh Kumbh organized once in every 6 years at Haridwar of Allahabad.

    Custom Tours India, would like to welcome you to this beautiful state of India which is a fine mixture of rich heritage, religious places, vibrant bazaars, exclusive wildlife, colorful festivals and lip-smacking cuisines. Below mentioned places are the top tourist places of Uttar Pradesh – The land of great Sages.

    Top Travel Destinations in Uttar Pradesh