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    Vrindavan Travel Guide

    Vrindavan, is another beautiful city which is located on the banks of River Yamuna and at a distance of 15 kms from Mathura in the Indian state of  Uttar Pradesh. Vrindavan and Mathura are combinedly called as “Twin Cities” and is one of the most important pilgrim places in India which is visited by millions of devotees every year from all over the world. Vrindavan is derived from two words Vrinda which means “basil plant” and Van which means “Forest or grove”. Vrindavan is believed to be the place where Lord Krishna, incarnation of Lord Vishnu spent his childhood and performed several mystical activities. Vrindavan, is a small enchanting place with numerous temples and sites dedicated to Lord Krishna and his love Radha.

    Vrindavan, is the perfect place to relive the time when Lord Krishna resided in this city along with fascinating stories and tales about his playfulness and lovable characteristics. There are so many historic sites which tell us the childhood stories about Lord Krishna and his friends, how Lord Krishna played with several gopis, played flute for love Radha and performed several activities which killed many demons sent by cruel King Kans to kill Lord Krishna. There are 5,500 new and ancient temples which are dedicated to Lord Krishna, Radha and Balram which attracts devotees from every part of the Country. You will fall in love with the holy chants, mantras and bells which makes the complete city marvelous and fascinating.

    Mathura Vrindavan Tour Package, will provide you one of the best experiences of your lifetime when you hear the stories about the miracles people have seen and wonderful tales of Lord Krishna’s childhood. Along with religious importance, Vrindavan has some of the most lip-smacking local snacks which will make your day and taste buds go crazy! Among these snacks, the most favorite ones are Jalebis, kachoris, samosas, spicy chats, khamans and ending the cuisine tour with a big glass of lassi. In addition to this, Vrindavan also has fascinating narrow streets which are well-decorated with several shops where you can buy souvenirs, textiles, religious items, handicrafts and aromatic incense sticks for you and your friends.

    Custom Tours India would like to welcome you to explore these two twin cities of India which have great ancient history and religious importance. Below mentioned places are the top sightseeing places in Vrindavan.

    Vrindavan Temple Tour & Other Sightseeing Places

    Rangaji Temple

    Rangaji Temple is one of the famous temples which was constructed in 1851 inspired by South India, Rajput and Italian style of architecture. This temple is dedicated to Lord Ranganatha, incarnation of Lord Vishnu, whose idol represents the resting position of Lord Vishnu over the sacred Seesha Naag. The temple is built in Dravidian style and the main attractions of this temple are Gold plated pillar, mirror room and the sacred water tank.

    Radha Raman Temple

    Radha Raman Temple is one of the revered temples of Vrindavan which is dedicated to Lord Krishna, who is present here in the form of Radha Raman, one who gives pleasure and happiness to Radha Rani (Consort of Lord Krishna). The temple was built in 1542 and the main attraction of this temple is the idol of Lord Krishna, who showcase a fascinating smile.

    Banke Bihari Temple

    Banke Bihari Temple is one out of 7 most sacred shrines present in Vrindavan known as Thakur Ji Mandir. The temple is inspired by mesmerizing Rajasthani- style of architecture with several beautiful paintings and arched windows. Here, Lord Krishna, is present in the form of a child standing in a tribhanga position. The enchanting part of this temple is that there are no bells or sounds, as Lord Krishna does not like the sounds. However, people chant “Radha Krishna” peacefully which offers a different vibe and peace to the soul.

    Prem Mandir

    Prem Mandir is a newly added structure in the Vrindavan which was constructed by Jagadguru Kripaluji Maharaj in the year 2001 using pure white marble. This massive temple is dedicated to Radha Krishna and Sita Ram hence, the temple is also known as “Temple of God’s Love”. The temple is surrounded by several clusters of beautiful structures depicting the different phases of Lord Krishna’s life and his miracles.


    Nidhivan is one of the most fascinating sites in Vrindavan which is nestled in the heart of this holy city. This place is the spot where Lord Krishna used to perform Raas Leela with his love Radha and several other gopis. The place is well-dotted with clusters of unusually shaped trees which are believed to convert into gopis every night as Lord Krishna comes here and performs Raas Leela. Every day, the post evening aarti complete place is vacant and closed so that no one can be inside as Lord Krishna comes here. Along with this, priests here prepare Lord Krishna’s sandalwood bed and glass of water which is messed up and the cup is found half empty every morning. The nearby houses close their windows and doors after evening aarti. It is said, whenever someone tries to sneak inside in the night, they get mentally ill and lose eye sight which has happened before. Along with this, there is a well inside this place which is believed to be dug by Lord Krishna’s flute when his love Radha was thirsty. The whole place offers a stunning view and a different energy which pleases the heart and soul.


    Nandgaon is a little town located at a distance of 50 kms from Vrindavan which is said to be the village of Lord Krishna’s foster parents, Yashoda and Nandji. The place is well-decorated with several temples, ancient sites and a lake – Pan Sarovar which is believed to the place where Lord Krishna used to bring his cows to drink water.


    Barsana is another ancient and beautiful town which is located at a distance of 40 kms from Vrindavan which is the birthplace of Lord Krishna’s love Radha Rani. The place has beautiful ancient temples and sites where Radha Rani used to spend her time with her friends. The place is a popular spot as the famous Lathmar Holi is celebrated here which attracts thousands of tourists every year.