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    Are you planning to arrange your corporate meeting outside your Country? Don’t worry! Custom Tours India is here to arrange a fully customized corporate travel package where you can have all your team members come to one place to have a fun-loving corporate session with wonderful corporate travel services where you will be exploring different parts of India along with fulfilling your company’s meeting goals. India is a land of diversity where we have plenty of places to explore along with spending a productive time with all of your team mates. We are one of the top-class corporate travel agencies which works towards arranging a perfect corporate travel packages and group tours for all the big MNC’s and companies who wish to cover their yearly team meetings, team get together and special corporate events with a perfect gateway where all the team members come together and can interact with each other so that they can built a strong team for future company’s growth.

    Explore the World with Our Exclusive Corporate Tour Packages

    India is the third largest growing economy of the world with a GDP growth of 7.2% and tourism is one of the major sectors which welcomes tourist and corporate companies from all over the world to explore our land of rich culture and heritage. As tourism is one of the major sectors of India, we have plenty of places where you can come and arrange your yearly team meetings, conferences and corporate events in India with a perfect gateway to the Northern part of India exploring the majestic Himalayas, mouth-watering cuisines of Amritsar, Royal gardens of Kashmir, Lush green hill stations of Uttarakhand and Himachal or the magnificent forts and palaces of Rajasthan. Not only this, India has a wide range of corporate tour packages with the tea gardens and backwaters of Southern India or the ancient temples and monuments of central India.

    Custom Tours India is here to arrange and manage your corporate events in India along with a fully customized corporate travel package in India.

    Take your Corporate Team to New Heights with Group Travel

    Getting Bored from your Regular Corporate Meetings?

    Are you the one getting bored from your regular office meetings? Do not worry, as Custom Tours India is here to bring you one of the best corporate travel plans for your corporate group travel where you can bring all our team members together and explore the different parts of India along with having a fun and interactive session discussing your company’s growth, short and long-term goals. Custom Tours India has a variety of corporate travel plans where you can build a strong bond between your team members by arranging your yearly meetings and corporate events in our country with lots of in-house activities which will enhance your corporate meetings. Along with your corporate meeting we can arrange different activities: Bollywood dance sessions, festive corporate parties, cooking classes or celebrating any festival in India with your

    Tired of Regular Zoom Meetings?

    Are you tired of regular zoom meetings where half of your team members are sitting in different parts of the world?  Do not worry, Custom Tours India is here! If your team members are working from different locations, then it is the right time to arrange a fully customized corporate group tour where you can invite everyone on board to have a two-way interactive session while having a wonderful time in India exploring the different landscape of our country. Custom Tours India has expertise in arranging a perfect gateway for your corporate group meetings and conferences where you can discuss work along with traveling. By doing this, all of your team members can introduce themselves to other fellow colleagues which will help you in making a great bond between team members.

    Want to Build a Strong Team?

    It is always better to know with whom you are working! Custom Tours India will provide a perfect podium where you can interact with your employees, team members and seniors while traveling as this will provide you a chance to show their talents and nature to each other. A corporate group travel plan is always beneficial as this will give them enough time to meet their fellow work members where they can share their best practices and knowledge which will end up making strong bonds between them and to work more effectively to fulfil your company’s targets.

    Work while You Travel

    Are you tired of working from your desk or home? Custom Tours India is here to provide you a platform where you can all come together as one and work while you explore different parts of India with our fully customized group tour. You can also plan to arrange your yearly meetings or conferences in India where we will book perfect accommodations, car rental and board rooms where you can conduct your corporate meetings along with exploring some of the wildlife sanctuary and national parks of India. We do have special coaches where we will arrange Wi-Fi services for you so that you can work while you travel from one city to another. This will help you in keeping your work up-to-date while exploring in and around the country.

    Activities to Boost Team Bonding

    Would you like to check your team bonding? Custom Tours India is here to help you in checking and in boosting your team bonding with fun loving activities where you and your team members can come together to show their talents. We do have special corporate group activities where we can arrange a class of Bollywood dance, cooking class or competition with top chefs of the Country, painting an elephant or riding cycles in the old Pink city. Custom Tours India have a wide range of corporate travel services which you can select and we will arrange the same during your corporate group tour of India.
    As a part of tourism, Custom Tours India is working towards arranging travel services in India for all travel enthusiasts of the world. Not only individual travelers or group travelers, Custom Tours India is perfectly capable of arranging your corporate events in India where you can have your working session or yearly events in India along with exploring a few destinations which adds more charm and interest in your co-workers which results in improving your work environment. We have good contacts all over the Country which helps us to arrange best in class vehicles, hotels, tour guides, tour escorts and corporate group activities which you are looking for!