Our Terms and Conditions

Travel Services which you have booked by Custom Tours India are subject to the terms and conditions set here. Please read our Terms and Conditions carefully. When you purchase your travel services with us then customers must accept these General Terms and Conditions. It is advised to check Terms and Conditions on our website www.customtoursindia.com prior your trip to India.

We, Custom Tours India believe in honesty and sincerity in providing our services to our clients. Therefore, you can call us or email us for any questions or any clarification you need.

  • After you confirm your booking with us. You must ask for written confirmation with all the services confirmed and mentioned in email.
  • AYour confirmation of the booking is the acceptance of the services confirmed and acknowledgement that you have read and accepted our General Terms and Conditions.
  • You can confirm your services via email.
  • When you confirm your booking on-behalf of other travelers traveling with you. It is your sole responsibility to share our General Terms and Conditions with them and it is your responsibility to get their consent also on our Terms and Conditions.
  • The final payment invoice associated with your Trip to India includes cost of the services opted, other trip related cost and all applicable taxes.
  • You must make the payment by wire transfer to our bank account or by credit card through our secure payment link or by cash (either in INR or any foreign currency) while you are in India.
  • Upon confirmation of your booking Custom Tours India requires 100% payment for hotels, flights and any Jungle Safari in order to confirm the reservation.
  • Remaining payment you can pay while you are in India.
  • In addition to this if you are confirming our services to India within 30 days of your arrival in that case we would require complete payment in advance.
  • 10 Days before your trip starts the company will send you Hotel Vouchers and other travel related documents in a digital format.
  • In case of miscalculation or error in the quoted amount in Invoice either human or technical error, the company may ask or claim for additional amount or refund you the excess amount within a reasonable period of time.
  • In case of price fluctuation between the date of which price quoted and the date of which the payment received, the company would charge or refund the respective amount. For example, the quote for flight booking on the day when price was offered is different and after your payment it is different, the company may ask for additional or refund you the amount. Here we are referring to the price fluctuation of the services like flights, hotels, fuel, state tax or safari.
  • After providing the quotes and meanwhile we receive the confirmation on the services, if the suggested hotel or flight/safari or other activity related to your tour is sold out, in such scenario Custom Tours India may suggest and book an alternative option with the same category and standards.
  • Suggested Itinerary provided by Custom Tours India is only the suggestion from our side, it can be changed or modified during travel as per your comfort.
  • Due to any natural hazard such as flight cancellation, breakdown of transport, weather, accident, lockdown, sickness or political closure, etc. The company may provide you an alternative however, at an additional cost.
  • We shall not be responsible for any loss or theft of personal belongings (like wallet, passport, identity card, credit card, etc.). However in such a scenario we will guide you for the solution.
  • We do not provide any kind of travel insurance covering accident, sickness, loss due to theft. It is advised to have your travel insurance from your own country.
  • No Refund or Compensation for any unused services or transport under any circumstances.
  • Room allotment will be as per the availability at the time of check-in, floor, or view preferences are not guaranteed.