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    Mathura Travel Guide

    Mathura, is one the ancient and holy cities in Hinduism which is situated in the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh close to Rajasthan border. This holy city is dated back to 5000 years old and well-known as the birth place of Lord Krishna, incarnation of Lord Vishnu. Lord Krishna performed several mystical acts here which can be heard and seen throughout the city and its temples. Not only Mahabharata however, Mathura has been mentioned in the great Hindu epic Ramayana as well. Mathura, has been the one of the capital cities of Kushan King Kanishka around 130 AD.

    Mathura, is situated on the banks of holy river Yamuna and is well-dotted with numerous temples and ancient sites which are related to Lord Krishna’s birth and childhood memories that millions of devotees visit this place annually to pay their respect to Lord Krishna.

    As per Hinduism, Lord Krishna’s Uncle Kansa, after the death of his parents and in order to invade the throne, announced marriage of both his sisters. However, during the wedding of one of the sisters Devaki with Vasudeva, Saint Narada appeared and told Kansa that the 8th son of Devaki would kill him and free the city from his cruelty. On hearing this, demon king Kansa, imprisoned Devaki and Vasudeva inside the fort and killed all seven children right after the death. However, on the 8 child (Lord Krishna), Vasudeva smuggled the child to Gokul across the river Yamuna, which later came after 14 years and killed demon Kansa and freed the parents. So, Mathura and Vrindavan are the two twin cities where Lord Krishna spent most of his childhood memories.

    Mathura Tour Package, will provide you a perfect glimpse of India mythology and culture where we believe in karma and truth. You will be amazed to see people of all age groups visiting this city and paying their respect to Lord Krishna and holy river Yamuna. You will be relaxed after visiting the ancient temples and experiencing the positive vibes along with old-fashioned architecture, narrow streets dotted with local snacks like Jalebi, Kachori, Pede and Rabri.

    Custom Tours India would love to have you here in Mathura to spend some time in spirituality and to go through the history of ancient India where Gods take birth over different periods of time to wash away the sins and wrong karma people! Below mentioned are top religious places in Mathura.

    Top Sightseeing Places in Mathura

    Shree Krishna Janmsthan

    Shree Krishna Janmsthan is the place built around the prison cell where Devaki and Vasudeva were imprisoned by demon king Kansa. This is the place where Lord Krishna was born which has been attacked and destroyed multiple times by foreign invaders including Mughals. You can see various Hindu temples built around the prison which tells us the stories about Krishna’s birth and childhood memories. You can hear the sounds of holy bells and prayers coming out from the temples.

    Dwarkadhish Temple

    Dwarkadhish temple is one of the holiest places in Mathura situated near the banks of holy river Yamuna which was constructed in 1814. The temple is dedicated to Lord Dwarkadhish, a revered form of Lord Krishna, who is present here in the form of a beautiful black idol. You will be astonished by the beautiful architecture and painting depicting various life stories of Lord Krishna.

    Vishram Ghat

    Vishram Ghat is one of the most important ghats in Mathura which is the starting and ending spot on holy walks around the Mathura city. This is the same place where Lord Krishna rested after killing the demon king and uncle Kansa. Devotees visit this ghat from all over the Country and take a holy dip in the river Yamuna. You can also enjoy evening prayer which is offered to the holy river and floating diyas which light up the whole ghat.

    Kans Qila

    Kans Qila is an ancient fortress which has been ruined due to negligence. This fort was built with the fine mixture of Hindu-Muslim architecture which has marked its presence during Mahabharata time. The fort was destroyed many times however, in the 16th century Raja Man Singh of Amber renovated the fort which provides a wonderful panoramic view of Mathura and River Yamuna.