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    Central & West India Tour Packages

    Central and West India, is a beautiful part of India where you can enjoy desert landscape to tiger safaris, from its incredible architecture and beautiful palaces. Central India is well-known as “Heart of India” because it has so much to offer to its travellers that a person can never be bored of this place. Central and West India is a fine mixture of ancient temples, massive rivers and alluring lakes, vast dry deciduous forests, majestic mountains and hills, fascinating wildlife, enormous plateaus, tremendous waterfalls, mouth-watering cuisines and vibrant culture. Central India and West India Tour Packages will make you fall in love with the wide range of experiences which you will go through during your upcoming tour of India.

    Central India Tour Packages, offers you to witness some of the hidden aspects of this Country which are none the less when compared to famous monuments and experiences which are offered by Northern and Southern part of India. Central India offers you to come across some of the excellent ancient architecture dated back to 2nd century during the great Ashoka’s empire to the Mughals during 16th century, massive forts and beautiful palaces, attractive wildlife where you can witness the Royal Bengal Tigers, attractive landscapes, fascinating rock caves and magnificent carved temples. All these aspects act as a magnet which attracts millions of tourists every year from all over the world.

    Central India has witnessed so many different rulers and empires which can be seen in its rich heritage, culture and vibrant festivals which are celebrated here with immense joy and love. Central India is also connected with stone age human life to the life of Pandavas (Ancient Hindu Epic – Mahabharata) as there are certain places and historic sites which tell us beautiful tales about their time in Central India. Along with this, Central India has deep significance on spiritual life as the place is home for some of the holiest places for Hindus, Muslims and Buddhists community. In addition to this, if you wish to take a glimpse on Central India’s culture and tradition then you must visit here during the regional festivals like Khajuraho Dance Festival, Malwa Utsav and Lokrang Samarth.

    Custom Tours India, would like to welcome you on board where we will take you to explore some of the ancient sites of Central India Tour Package in which you will have a once in a lifetime experience where you will explore the hidden gems of India. Below mentioned places are the top destinations to explore in Central India.

    Best Places to Travel in Central India