What comes to your mind when you hear the word – India? Do you imagine about the majestic forts, beautiful palaces, ancient temples, busy streets, flower markets or any other stuff? Yes, that’s correct – India is well-known all around the world for its monuments, culture, traditions, temples and all those things which makes India unique and different from other countries. However, when it comes to Shopping, India is never the less!

India is a paradise for shopaholics! Being one of the most diverse country, India has one of the most beautiful and charming shop culture as well which attracts locals and tourists from all over the globe. No matter, if you wish to buy something luxurious or an in-expensive item we have all of them at the same place. From well-settled branded stores to their in-expensive first copies, from leather bags to shoes, all type of world fabrics and textiles, precious and semi-precious stones, jewelry, carpets, marble articles and many more. You can consider India a place for shopaholics where you have plenty of things to buy and look.

Custom Tours India is here to help to in shopping during your favorite golden triangle tour of India with a list of places where you can visit to explore the local markets and things which you may buy. Golden Triangle Tour is one of the most demanded tours of India where you get to see the real glimpse of Indian cultural heritage of India along with the famous historical monuments of India. Here, are the below mentioned markets which you may consider to visit during your golden triangle tour of India.


Being the capital city of India, Delhi is well-known for the latest trends in fashion and provides a unique experience to the tourists from its vibrant bazaars, expensive markets, malls and some designer boutiques. The bustling narrow streets with colorful handicrafts and textiles along with some live snack’s counters make shopping in Delhi a fun-loving activity for tourists and locals. Here, are the best and popular street markets in Delhi. 

  • Dilli Haat – Dilli Haat is an open-ground market where artisan from every corner of India come and display their art and crafts. Here, you can find items like papier-Mache boxes, wood carving items, mirror-work fabrics, beaded jewelry, handwoven pashmina shawls from Kashmir, black pottery from Manipur and Kathakali Masks from Kerela. You can also check the nearby food stalls which have some regional cuisines.
  • Pallika Bazaar – It is an underground air-conditioned market in Connaught Palace which is famous for in-expensive copies of various high-end brands. Here, you may check some of the cloths, perfumes, daily accessories and footwear. This market is popular for electronic items such as video games, consoles and CD’s.
  • Janpath Market – This is a long-stretch of 1.5 kilometers where you can see various shops in a single row alongside the main Janpath Road. This is one of the oldest markets of Delhi where the vibe is so much different from other local markets. You can buy various items such as ethnic wear, junk jewelry and handbags at budget friendly prices. You will love to see locals and tourists exploring the shops and bargaining at their best.
  • Khan Market – This is the classiest and most expensive markets of Delhi as we have all the luxury and high-end shops here from all over the world. Most of the shops have imported items which can only be found in this market. You need to have your pockets heavy in order to shop here! Here, you can go for boutiques, bookstores and luxury cosmetics. You can also sit by any of the street cafés or high-end bars located in these alleys of Khan Market.
  • Chandni Chowk – Chandni Chowk is one of the oldest markets in Delhi which was setup by Mughals in late 18’s. The bustling narrow streets in the old city will give you the perfect glimpse of how local markets looks like. You can choose to walk or go for a rikshaw ride in Old Delhi to explore this market and the narrow alleys which have endless shops. This market is famous for spices, silver, saris and home décor.


Agra is well-known all around the world as the home of one of the Seven Wonders of the World – The Taj Mahal. However, we have other monuments as well which are unique and majestic when it comes to their architecture. The craftsmen ship of Agra cannot be missed as we have some of the unique artisan still residing in this city from ages. The artisansare well-known for their miniature painting done over marble articles and fabrics which can only be found in Agra. The famous marble article “Bric A Brac” which is a miniature marble replica of Taj Mahal can only be found in Agra. Along with this, the markets in Agra are also famous for leather items, handicrafts, carpets, silk and embroidery dresses. Below are the few local markets in Agra which you must visit to explore the shopping culture of this city.

  • Sadar Bazaar – Sadar Bazar is one of the most famous markets in Agra which is famous for handicrafts, sweets, garments, leather bags and ethnic wear. This market has plenty of shops in a row where you can try your luck with bargaining. Along with this, we have Café Coffee Day where you can sit and relax after your shopping to see how locals and other others tourist explore this market.
  • Subhash Market – Subhash Market is one of the most visit markets in Agra situated near to Jama Masjid. The market is famous for silk items and leather bags. Here, you can find various kind to silk items like silk saris, silk dress materials, silk kurtas, plain silk items and embroidered silk products along with some silk prints. This market welcome large foot fall because of the vibe and colorful shops present here. You can enjoy some lip-smacking snacks at one of the local street food stalls.


Jaipur is the third and most colorful city of this golden triangle tour of India. This city is well-known as “Pink City” as all the outer walls of the old city is painted in the shade of pink. Jaipur is one of the most celebrated cities in India where each festival is celebrated with fun and love. This city not only known for its culture, festivals, traditions, monuments however, the city is popular among shopaholics. Tourists from all over the globe visit this city just to shop and buy exclusive things which can not be find anywhere in the world. Jaipur’s markets are known for their famous block-prints, tie and dye textiles, Jaipuri quilts, precious and semi-precious stones, Meenakumari and Kundan Jewelry, Jaipur Mojris and many more things. A short walk through the old city and these markets will make you fall in love with this vibrant city. Here, are some of the popular markets which are visited by locals and tourists.

  • Johri Bazaar –Johri Bazaar is one of the most popular markets in Jaipur which is haven for shopaholics as this market is famous for exquisite jewelry, precious gems, handicrafts and handmade necklace. This market is locally known as jeweler’s paradise as every 8th diamond in the world gets polished here. If you have a wedding coming soon, then this is the place to visit!
  • Bapu Bazaar – Bapur Bazaar is the most visited and happening market in Jaipur which is famous for leather products and authentic Rajasthani mojris (Rajasthani shoes made using camel leather). Along with this, you may also look for some colorful sarees and lehengas, sandstone artifacts, decorative items and many more things. This market will give you best shopping place with pink shaded walls on both side of the street.
  • Tripolia Bazaar – Tripolia Bazaar is one of the most popular markets in Jaipur among ladies as this market is famous for handmade lac bangles which are made exclusively in Jaipur and cannot be found anywhere in India. You can walk on narrow alleys and find some of the exquisite collections of bangles. Along with bangles, the market is also famous for jewelry so a visit is must in this market of Jaipur.
  • Chandpol Bazaar – Chandpol Bazaar is famous for window shopping as this market in Jaipur is famous for marble artifacts, handicrafts, furniture, carpets, leather shoes and wooden sculptures. Along with this, you will love to see the Rajasthani colorful turbans on the walls and inside the shops. A short walk in this market can be really fun.

These are some of the famous and popular markets of golden triangle tour which will make you fall in love with these cities along with the world-famous historical monuments of India. Custom Tours India is here to take you on a journey of your lifetime with the popular golden triangle tour where you can enjoy the shopping culture of India with these popular cities and witness the cultural heritage of India.