Summer in India sizzles with life, offering a contrasting tapestry of experiences. The country’s diverse landscape brings scorching heat to the plains and cool comfort in the highlands. This variety makes India an ideal place for exploring a range of summer holiday destinations.

To have a summer trip you’ll never forget, you must pick the right place to go. The truth is, some areas of India get very hot in summer. Places like Rajasthan and the country’s middle can have temps over 40°C. That’s hot! But India’s mountains are a great way to escape the heat.

They offer a nice break from the super high temps. When you choose a good spot, you’ll be much more comfortable. Then you can enjoy all the fun things summer has to give.

This guide, cleverly titled 9 Best Places to Visit in Summer in India, is your one-stop shop for picking the perfect summer spot. Whether you are a custom tours enthusiast or not, this list has something special for everyone.

From the serene landscapes of Leh-Ladakh to the emerald embrace of Munnar’s hills and the infectious energy of Goa’s culture, each destination promises a unique blend of sights and experiences. 

This guide will be your travel compass, helping you choose your destination while on your Golden Triangle Tour, know what to expect, and have India’s most epic summer adventure.

1. Leh-Ladakh

Leh-Ladakh is one of the best places to visit in India. It is perfect for those looking to escape the hot Indian plains. This high-altitude region in the far north of India has a stark yet stunning landscape. It captivates every traveler. The thin air, dry mountains, and clear lakes create a surreal experience. 

From late May to September, summer is the best time to explore Leh-Ladakh. This period marks a change—the harsh winter snow melts away, opening up roads and cultural festivals. 

Pangong Tso is known for its pretty colors and still waters. It is on the edge of India and Tibet. It is a great place to make memories and relax. Nubra Valley is different. It has lots of green land with blooming fields and even special camels.

This is not like the rest of the area which is mostly dry and rocky. Both spots show amazing natural beauty. This solidifies its position as a top tourist destination in India during summer.

2. Manali

Manali is one of the great summer vacation destinations in India. Tall pines and huge Himalayan ranges surround the town. The atmosphere is refreshing and energizing. It is perfect for relaxing and adventures.

Trails vary from easy apple orchard walks to tough hikes to snowy passes. Paragliding is also popular in Manali. It provides a unique view of the landscape from the sky. You soar over green valleys and mountain forests. These activities are perfect for thrill-seekers. 

Manali has many cultural and natural attractions, not just adventure sports. The Hidimba Devi Temple is an ancient cave temple in a cedar forest. It is peaceful and draws visitors with its fascinating stories and striking wooden architecture.

Solang Valley is a short distance from Manali. It is another must-see spot known for its summer and winter sports. The valley is a hub for summer activities like zorbing and horseback riding. It also boasts incredible views of glaciers and snowy peaks. This makes it a key part of any Manali visit.

Whether you seek an exciting activity or a peaceful nature retreat, Manali guarantees a memorable and enjoyable summer experience. This makes it a popular choice for vacationers and those looking for customized tours in India that provide relaxation and excitement in the heart of India’s Himalayan wilderness.

3. Rishikesh

Rishikesh is a town in the hills of the Himalayas in north India. The town has a unique blend of spiritual and adventure tourism. This brings in thousands of visitors each year. Rishikesh has a calm setting. This makes it one of the best places to visit in summer. It is perfect for those seeking peace and excitement.

In the summer months, Rishikesh is a hub for lots of activities. Yoga fans from all over come to this sacred town. They visit the many ashrams and yoga schools. These places offer full courses.

When you go to Rishikesh, you have to walk across Lakshman Jhula. This hanging bridge crosses the River Ganges. This well-known landmark offers broad views of the river and city. It’s usually crowded with people, monkeys, and sometimes motorbikes.

Another key site is the Neelkanth Mahadev Temple. It sits on top of a hill near Rishikesh. The temple is a sacred place. It attracts pilgrims who come to honor Lord Shiva. Its spot provides amazing views of the nearby mountains. It is a great trip for those who hike or drive up.

Rishikesh is not just the spiritual center of India. It also has many activities that make it a perfect summer spot. It offers customized tour packages. These include everything from car rental in India to personal yoga sessions. 

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4. Shimla

Shimla is a pretty hill town in the Himalayan foothills. It was the summer capital of British India. People often call it the Queen of Hills. It is still one of the best places to visit in summer. Tourists love its well-kept old buildings and stunning natural beauty. 

Shopping on Mall Road is another popular activity. This busy street has many shops, cafes, and historic buildings. You can find handmade items, wool clothes, and more. Visitors can enjoy slow walks, try local food, and shop for souvenirs. They can also soak in the lively atmosphere of Shimla.

Shimla’s deep history and natural beauty make it special among the offbeat locations in India. Its mix of pretty views, cultural heritage, and relaxing activities are great for all kinds of travelers.

5. Ooty

Ooty is often called one of the best hill stations in India. It is at its best in the summer months. From April to June, this town in the Nilgiri hills offers a nice break from the strong heat in most parts of the country. During these months, Ooty’s weather is very mild. 

Ooty Lake is a main highlight for visitors. It is a calm spot for boating and a pretty setting for picnics and easy walks. Eucalyptus trees and greenery surround the lake area. It is busy with families and couples enjoying the peaceful environment.

Boating here provides a quiet retreat from the busy daily life. It allows visitors to take in the natural beauty at a slow pace.

The Botanical Gardens are another must-see spot in Ooty. They are known for their lush greenery and rare plant species. These 22-hectare gardens are a gardener’s dream, making summer an extra bright time to visit. This event draws tourists and botany lovers from around the world. 

It’s easy to see why Ooty is one of the best places to visit in summer. The weather is cool and the views are pretty. It also has a calm feeling. This makes it a great summer trip. It is perfect for people who want to get away from the heat and enjoy nature.

It gives you a full experience. You can relax and have fun while seeing natural beauty.

6. Darjeeling

Darjeeling is called the Jewel of Bengal. It is one of the best places to visit in summer for those seeking a break from the heat. It sits in the Eastern Himalayas. This small hill station is known for its cooler weather. 

Darjeeling is also a center for rich cultural experiences. The town has many colorful Buddhist monasteries. They offer a look into the spiritual practices and building styles unique to this region.

Ghum Monastery and Bhutia Busty Monastery are popular spots. You can observe daily rituals and immerse yourself in the peaceful atmosphere.

Trying local food in Darjeeling adds another layer to the travel experience. The regional dishes here mix Tibetan, Nepali, and Bengali influences. They offer strong and comforting flavors and provide a delicious way to connect with the local culture.

Darjeeling remains a favorite destination for group tour packages

7. Coorg

Coorg is called the Scotland of India. This is because of its misty landscapes and green hills. This makes it stand out as one of the best places to visit in summer. The Kodavas live in the region. They are known for their special customs and welcoming nature. This adds a rich cultural layer to the visitor’s experience.

Summer is the perfect time to explore Coorg’s big coffee plantations. The mild weather allows for pleasant walks through the lush green estates. Here, you can see the coffee-making process from bean to cup. This is also a time for cultural festivals. They especially celebrate Kodava warrior traditions. 

Abbey Falls and Brahmagiri Peak are must-see attractions in Coorg. Abbey Falls is a stunning waterfall located within a coffee plantation. The falling waters make a dramatic drop into a pool below.

Brahmagiri Peak, on the other hand, offers an exciting trek for those who want to explore the higher altitudes. It provides broad views of the surrounding forests and hills. 

8. Goa

Goa is well-known for its sand and fun nights out. But it has a special feel in the summer. It is one of the top spots to go when it’s hot. Things are calmer and quieter than when lots of people visit. This lets you see parts of Goa that are not as famous. You can learn about its past, many cultures, and pretty nature away from the beach.

Another interesting activity is exploring the Latin Quarter in Panjim, known as Fontainhas. This neighbourhood has a Portuguese architectural influence, with colorful old buildings, narrow winding streets, and cute cafes. Walking tours here reveal Goa’s artistic and cultural heritage

This season also brings unique festivals such as Sao Joao. It is celebrated with boat races and festive music, reflecting the vibrant Goan spirit. These festivities provide an authentic experience of Goan culture. They are distinct from the tourist-centric activities commonly associated with the state.

Many seek an immersive experience, and summer is the best time to visit. They often turn to the best tour agency in India to help plan their travel. These groups can make special trips showing more than famous places. They also take you to Goa’s secret spots. This helps you learn more about and enjoy this varied area.

9. Udaipur

Udaipur is known as the “Venice of the East.” It is famous for its beautiful lakes and romantic places. In the summer, the city’s palaces reflect in Lake Pichola and Fateh Sagar Lake. This makes Udaipur a top place to visit for travellers who love beauty and peace in a grand setting.

Top Places to See:

  • Lake Palace
  • Jagdish Temple

The Lake Palace is in the middle of Lake Pichola. It used to be a summer home for the royal family. Now it is one of the best luxury hotels in the world. Nearby, the Jagdish Temple is tall with detailed carvings. It has Indo-Aryan style and offers a spiritual feel next to the fancy palaces.


We have looked at many of the best places to visit in summer. Each spot has its own special things to see and do. Leh-Ladakh has quiet, high places. Munnar has lots of green plants. Goa has a rich culture. Shimla has pretty old buildings. 

Summer is a special time to see India’s different places and cultures. The weather can be different in each place. Hill stations are mild and nice. Coastal areas are warm and rainy. But there are good things about summer, too. There are fewer crowds and you can meet more locals. Summer also has lots of festivals and events. These show you more about how people live.

If you want a fancy trip, try the luxury golden triangle tour India.It shows you India’s history and culture in a special way. Summer is a good time for this tour. Places have deals and there are fewer people. This makes it more relaxed and personal.

Ready to see these amazing summer places? Custom Tours India can help you make the perfect trip for what you like. 

We will make your travel group tours come true with special plans and help every step of the way.