Udaipur, is one of the most beautiful destinations of India which is visited by millions of travelers coming from all over the world. Udaipur, is well-known by two names – “Venice of the East” and “City of Lakes” as the city is well-dotted with beautiful 7 blue water lakes and lush green hills of Aravalli ranges. This fascinating city was founded and established by Maharana Udai Singh II who shifted the capital of Mewar Kingdom from Nagda to Udaipur. Udaipur, is one of the favourite places for travelers as it is well-decorated with ancient temples and historical monuments, marvelous forts and luxury palaces, rustic havelis turned into heritage hotels, lush green gardens and small gateways. 

Udaipur, is one of the perfect places in India where you can spend your upcoming tour of India as the city is completely adjourned with romantic vibes in the air. Along with the ancient temples and historical monuments, the city holds great pride and glory when it comes to its rich history and culture. You may choose to sit and eat in one of the lake side restaurants or eat peacefully in one of the fancy/luxury restaurants of the city with an amazing view of the lush green hills and lakes. The city holds some of the unique handicrafts which attracts tourists from all over the globe, among which some of the items are traditional clothing, designer footwear, rich fabrics like Bandhej and Leheriya, Rajasthani blankets and marble articles. 

Udaipur Tour Package, will be the perfect package for your upcoming custom guided tour of India where you will fall in love with this fascinating city of Rajasthan. You will love to spend your upcoming holidays in India with the ancient history, massive forts and palaces of Udaipur where you will witness the glory of the bygone era of Mewar Kingdom. 

Custom Tours India, is always here to help you in deciding a perfect time to visit Udaipur with a private tailor-made tour of India where you will be exploring the rich heritage and culture of Udaipur along with its ancient monuments. We will try our best to make your custom private tour of Udaipur where you can spend 3 days of your lifetime with complete joy and happiness. Below mentioned places are the top sightseeing places in Udaipur which you may cover during your 3-days custom tour of Udaipur. If you wish to add more cities or places, we will add more places to this tailor-made tour of India

3 Days Udaipur Tour Package – Top Sightseeing Places

Day 1: Udaipur Sightseeing Tour

  • Jagdish Temple – Jagdish Temple is an ancient 17th century temple which was constructed by Maharaja Jagat Singh which is dedicated to Lord Vishnu – The Preserver, who is also known as Lord Lakshmi Narayana. This majestic temple is one of the most important and oldest temples of the city which is well-dotted with miniature carvings, finest sculptures, exquisite statues of elephants, horses and dances showcasing folk art of Mewar. The main attraction of this marvelous temple is the 4-armed idol of Lord Vishnu which is carved out of a single rock. 
  • City Palace – City Palace is the largest royal palace present in Rajasthan which was beautifully constructed by Maharaja Udai Singh II in the year 1559, after moving the capital of Mewar from Nagda to Udaipur. The palace is situated on the banks of Pichola Lake which adds more charm to this magnificent piece of art. Later, more structures were added over the period of time by different successors making it one of the most beautiful palaces in the Country. This palace is well-decorated with beautiful pavilions, open courtyards, fascinating hanging gardens which makes this palace a perfect example of Rajput art and culture. 
  • Gangaur Ghat – Gangaur Ghat is one of the most beautiful ghats in the city which is the perfect place to witness the life of locals who come here to wash their clothes and children to take bath in the Pichola Lake. Along with this, it is one of the best spots to adore the beauty of sunset and sunrise along with the blue water of Lake Pichola. 
  • Bagore Ki Haveli – Bagore Ki Haveli is one of the most beautiful rustic haveli of Udaipur which was the residence of PM of Mewar Kingdom – Amar Chand Badwa. The haveli was constructed in the early 18th century on the banks of Lake Pichola. The haveli has 100 marvelous rooms which are decorated with mirror and glass work, beautiful paintings, peacock and elephant sculptures. The haveli has been turned into a live museum where various cultural programs and folk dances are performed. 
  • Bhartiya Lok Kala Museum – Bhartiya Lok Kala Museum is also known as Folk Museum which is one of the best museums that display the rich culture and tradition of Mewar Kingdom. The museum houses several articles and objects which attracts thousands of tourists every year. 

Day 2: Udaipur City Tour

  • Lake Pichola – Lake Pichola is the oldest and largest artificial lake of Udaipur which was constructed by Pichhu Banjara in the year 1362 AD. Lake Pichola is one of the most beautiful lakes in Udaipur which is visited by millions of tourists every year. The lake has four beautiful islands which are Jag Niwas where the famous Taj Lake Palace hotel is built, Jag Mandir, Mohan Mandir where a 17th century Hindu temple was built by Maharaja Jagat Singh and Arsi Vilas Island which houses a palace and a retreat place for birds. You may enjoy boating in Lake Pichola which will take you to Jag Mandir where you can stay for some time to explore the beautiful white marble palace. 
  • Jag Mandir – Jag Mandir is one of the islands which is situated inside the beautiful Lake Pichola in the heart of Udaipur. Jag Mandir is also known as “Garden Lake Palace” which was constructed by the royal family as their summer retreat for hosting royal parties. As per legends, this palace has been the shelter for Prince Khurram, later known as Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan when he rebelled against his father, Mughal Emperor Jahangir. 
  • Crystal Gallery – Crystal Gallery is one of the most beautiful museums situated in Udaipur which was established by Maharana Sajjan Singh in the year 1877. This gallery is well-known all over the world for its largest collection of crystal items. The main attraction of this gallery are the crystal items such as dining table, sofa set, washing bowls, perfume bottles, candle stands and a full-size crystal bed. 
  • Karni Mata Temple – Karni Mata Temple is one of the oldest temples in Udaipur which was constructed by Maharana Karan Singh in the early 20th century. The temple is dedicated to Goddess Karni Mata and is situated on the top of Machhala Magar Hill which can be easily accessed by a 378 m long rope way which provides a spectacular view of the surroundings and Aravalli Hills. 

Day 3: Udaipur Guided Tour

  • Ahar Cenotaphs – Ahar Museum is an open-ground museum which consists of Ahar Cenotaphs and Ahar Archeological Museum. Ahar Cenotaphs are the royal cenotaphs which are built for the former kings and their queens of Mewar Kingdom. There are a total number of 19 cenotaphs which are beautifully built reflecting the great Rajput architecture. These structures are surrounded by ancient 15th century temples which reflect the great culture and traditions of Mewar Kingdom. 
  • Sajjan Garh Palace – Sajjan Garh Palace is one of the oldest complexes built in the outskirts of Udaipur. The palace was constructed by Maharana Sajjan Singh in the year 1884 in order to record and check the positions of cloud and celestial bodies. However, due to the sudden death of the King, the palace was not completed and later converted into a summer Palace by the successor Maharana Fateh Singh. Later, the palace was used as a hunting lodge for the royal family and their guests. The palace is one of the best spots to have a wonderful panoramic view of the entire city. 
  • Ambrai Ghat – Ambrai Ghat is one of the beautiful and most visited ghats in Udaipur which is situated on the banks of Lake Pichola. Here, the morning is filled with old age people doing Yoga and meditation where kids prefer to take bath in the lake. Later, in the evening, you may enjoy the fascinating evening aarti with the backdrop of Lake Palace Hotel and other heritage hotels which are well-decorated with lights shimmering all over the lake. 
  • Saheliyon Ki Bari – Saheliyon Ki Bari is a massive garden which was constructed in the early 18th century by Maharana Sangram Singh for his queen and her maidens. This majestic garden was only accessible by the royal ladies of the family and is well-decorated with fountains, water channels, pathways, lush green lawns and beautiful carved statues. 

Above mentioned sightseeing places are the most visited places in Udaipur which you can explore. However, along with these beautiful places, there are several historical places which are situated on the outskirts of Udaipur and can be explored in a day. Among these places, you may consider exploring EklingJi Temple, Nathdwara Temple, Nagda Temple and Saas Bahu Temple. 

Custom Tours India, will be happy to arrange a tailor-made tour of India including Udaipur and these above-mentioned places to make your upcoming tour of India more interesting and worth visiting. We would love to have you with us where you can explore India and its beautiful parts with a fully customized tour of India.