Pushkar Camel Fair is one of the highest-rated culture fetes in India and the largest cattle fairs in the world. With the shaved and beautifully dressed camels entering in beauty contests, gearing up for races and bracing themselves for dance, Pushkar Fair Rajasthan takes place every year in November during Kartik Purnima.

The Pushkar Camel Fair 2021 – Save the Dates

Pushkar Camel Fair 2021 will punch the clock from 11th November to 19th November 2021. 1000s of camels and horses turn up 5 days before these 7 days of colourful fair is set in full motion. So be an early bird with a Tailor-made Tour Package to paint the town in full bloom!

Among more than 400,000 people participating in this seven days huge carnival, many are highly-entertaining dancers, musicians, magicians, acrobats and carousels. These artists come from different places to become part of music concerts, adventure zones and crafts markets. Other highlights of Pushkar Camel Fair include a moustache competition, spiritual walk, heritage exhibition, temple dancing, and much more, which advocates that Pushkar fair tour package should be a must-have in your tailor-made trip.

Let’s read these main highlights of this fair which makes it a great opportunity for tourists to enjoy the hues, smell the aromas and see the traditional style celebration of Indian festivals.

Camel Beauty Contest

Camel Beauty contest is one of the fascinating and peculiar events organized at the Pushkar Camel Festival. Camels are beautifully decked with colourful dresses and ornaments like silver bells, bangles, and other finery. Camels and cattle are paraded around for a picturesque view. With a good knowledge of your local expert private guide, you can deep dive and enjoy the local culture of Rajasthan.

Camel Races

Camel races and camel dance shows are other interesting contests in the golden sand among the blithesome vibes of Rajasthani tradition. Numerous people participate in this fun and cultural event.

Vedic Walks

The Vedic walk is a walking tour that runs twice a day during the Pushkar fair Rajasthan in the morning and the evening. During the morning tour, you can witness the serenity of pilgrims taking a religious dip in the lake. The evening is to enjoy the hustling and bustling of the fair.

You can experience a Vedic walk with a tailor-made tour that accommodates special activities like Vedic walks, pilgrimages, and tracing family heritage that may not be a part of your trip otherwise.

Souvenirs Stalls

Souvenirs stalls are temporary setups to sell goodies like Rajasthani garments, brasses, cloth pieces, jewellery, and camel saddles that visitors can keep as souvenirs. With the tailor-made trip that is fully personalized to you, you can craft your shopping experience too as per your requirement, budget and needs. The tailor-made trip specialists help you get what you want.

Sky Waltz Camp

Tented stay at the Sky Waltz Camp is another attraction of the Pushkar Camel Fair. Followed by the magnetic performances of famous fusion maestros around the globe, this luxurious camping offers an unforgettable traditionally styled glamping to the visitors.

Sitting Arena at Elevation

You can capture the beautiful views of bedecked camels and horsesvibing out the hueful culture of Rajasthan from the special tent at an elevated space that is armed with luxurious amenities. With the flexibility to opt for an air-conditioned or a non-air-conditioned stay in Pushkar Camel Fair, a tailor-made trip can be exactly what you need.

Hot Air Ballooning

Enjoying an aerial view of buzzing activities of Rajasthan Pushkar fair with hot air ballooning is yet another experience that underlines the attractions & adventures at Pushkar Fair. You can enjoy exhilarating hot balloon flights over the town in the mornings and evenings while wrapping yourself in the cosiness of the desert. Camel safari, paramotoring and quad biking are some of the best thrilling activities for adventurers to have the 2021 Pushkar Camel Fair added to their Tailor Made Trip to Rajasthan.

Religious Gatherings and Ceremony

Apart from camel recess, delectable food and shopping stalls, the Ascetic religious ceremony, MahaAarti, is another attraction of Pushkar Camel Fair. MahaAarti takes place alongside Pushkar Lake, where a huge group of pilgrims gathers together to offer fire & light to verify the entire city with pious and holy vibes. Tour and travel companies like Custom India Tour offer personalized tailor-made trips with local travel experts who take care of your interest and quick routes to the destination to ensure more travelling time over planning.

Harmony Half Marathon

The Harmony Half Marathon is another major highlight of Pushkar Mela, which makes it not-to-be-missed fair. The Harmony Half Marathon is a 14km run that takes place during the Pushkar Fair Rajasthan. Open for all foreign nationals, the marathon starts from Dargah Ajmer Sharif and pulls the plug at the Pushkar Stadium Ground.

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Nonetheless, the primary reason to organize the PushkarMela is to show the beautifully adorned camels and culture of Rajasthan. In addition, there are adventures, religious ceremonies and events that sum up a lovely experience for the tourists.

We have mentioned a few main highlights of this fair that enhance the entire experience of the tourists and validate why the 2021 Pushkar Camel Fair must be a part of your Tailor Made Trip to Rajasthan

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