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    Karnataka Tour Guide

    India is the land of diversity which offers some of the great landscape in the world along with some of the natural wonders along with one of the world’s best histories of ancient and medieval time. Being one of the oldest civilizations, India holds a variety of places where you can visit and explore the aspects of India’s rich culture and heritage which attracts people from all over the world. One such aspect in this beautiful country is the Indian state of Karnataka.

    A perfect gateway for nature and adventure travelers with the perfect mixture of ink blue skies and white clouds, green lands and serene hill stations, peaceful beaches and ancient temples, rich culture and heritage, tasteful cuisines and colorful festivals, silk and sandalwood, etc. Karnataka’s alluring nature and beautiful landscape attracts travelers from all over the globe. Every part of this state holds a unique view of ancient heritage and its beautiful culture.

    Karnataka, being the 6th largest state in the Country and 4th popular tourist destination in India offers a lot of beautiful experiences which will make you fall in love with this beautiful state. Custom Tours India is here to arrange a perfect customized tour of Karnataka where you will be taken to explore the beauty of this wonderful and colorful state. Being the house of some of the historical monuments of India and some of the best gateways to spend your summer vacations in India, Karnataka charms every traveler with one of the best Cultural Heritage tours of India.

    Here is one of the best travel itineraries of Karnataka that covers Bangalore, Mysore, Chikmagalur and Hampi which you can consider on your upcoming tour of India. Along with this, if you wish to explore other parts of Karnataka or any other state with this travel plan, please feel free to let us know.

    Karnataka Tour Itinerary

    Day Place Summary
    1 Bangalore Arrival
    2 Bangalore Lal Bagh Botanical Gardens, Tipu Sultan’s Summer Palace
    3 Mysore Mysore Palace, Brindavan Garden
    4 Halebidu - Belur Hoysaleshwara Temple, Archeological Museum, Kedareshwara Temple, Chennakesava Temple, Kappa Chennigaraya Temple
    5 Chikmagalur Z-Point, Kemmangundi, Kallathigiri Falls, Coffee Museum
    6 Hampi Virupaksha Temple, Elephant Stables, Vithala Temple, Coracle Ride
    7 Badami - Pattadakal - Aihole Banashankari Temple, Badami Cave Temple, Bhutanatha Group of Temples, Virupaksha Temple, Kashi Vishwanath Temple, RavanaPhadi Cave Temple, Lad Khan Temple
    8 Bangalore Departure

    Day 1: Arrival at Bangalore International Airport

    As per your flight arrival timing, our representative will meet you at the Airport and will escort you to your assigned air-conditioned vehicle and chauffer. Later, a short travel plan will be discussed with you about your Tour of Karnataka. On reaching your hotel, our representative will help you with check-in.

    Rest of the evening is free for leisure. You may rest in your hotel as you might be flying from a far distance.

    Custom Tours India will book a comfortable yet friendly property for you with good reviews and amazing hospitality.

    Day 2: Local Sightseeing in Bangalore

    This morning, have your leisurely breakfast and then you will be taken to visit all the famous tourist sightseeing places of this beautiful garden city of India.

    • Lal Bagh Botanical Gardens: Lal Bagh Botanical Garden is one of the famous gardens of the city which is well-known worldwide for its fantastic botanical art work. This garden was commissioned and completed by the Sultan’s in the 18th century which covers an area of 240 acres of this city and has some of the rarest plant species of the world. We have a total of 1854 species of plants available here in which some of the rare and exotic plants are originally found in France, Persia and Afghanistan. The main attraction of this garden is the “Lal Bagh Rock” which is almost 3000-million-year-old and believed to be one of the oldest rocks on the planet.
    • Tipu Sultan’s Summer Palace: One of the famous historical monuments in India, Tipu Sultan’s Summer Palace was built in the year 1791 under the rule of Tipu Sultan which is the perfect example of fine Indi-Islamic architecture. The palace was used as a summer retreat for the king – Tipu Sultan and was popularly known as “Abode of Happiness”. The main attraction of this palace is the magnificent wall paintings, fascinating arches, wooden pillars and balconies and the beautiful garden full of lush green flower beds and fountains.

    Later, you will be taken for a short drive passing through another famous building of this city – Vidhana Soudha that is the house of State Legislature and the Secretariat of Karnataka. The building is one of the largest government buildings in the country which was built in 1951 and popularly known as “Taj Mahal of South India”

    Rest of the evening is free for leisure. You may choose to go out for dinner as Bangalore has one of the best nightlife in the county.

    Day 3: Drive to Mysore and Local Sightseeing

    This morning, have your leisurely breakfast and then check-out from your hotel to drive towards your next city – Mysore which is also known as “Cultural capital of Karnataka”.

    Mysore was the capital of the Wodeyar Kings who ruled over the Mysore Kingdom for many centuries. The Wodeyars were great lovers of art and music and have contributed to make Mysore a cultural centre of Karnataka and India.

    Upon reaching, check-in at your lovely hotel booked by Custom Tours India and relax for a while. Later, we will proceed for a short sightseeing tour of the city visiting one of the historical monuments of India and a beautiful garden.

    • Mysore Palace – Mysore Palace is one of the oldest palaces in India which is the pride of Karnataka. The foundation of this palace was laid in the early 14th century using wood and was renovated many times by different rulers over a period of time, which got completed and settled by the year 1912. The palace has one of the most beautiful pavilions, huge halls for common and private people of the royal family, magnificent architecture, colossal courtyards, lush green gardens and captivating looks which leave a huge impression on the tourists. Today, this palace is the second most visited monument in India after the Taj Mahal by the locals and the international guests.
    • Brindavan Garden – Brindavan garden is one of the popular leisure spots of the city which is spread over an area of 60 acres. The garden was constructed by the Diwan of Mysore in 1932 across the Cauvery River. The garden is inspired by the famous Shalimar Gardens of Kashmir and is divided in two parts – The north and the south. The garden is well-laid out with the lush green lawns, flower beds, water channels and fountains. The garden turns itself into a paradise during the sunset with the enthralling showers of musical fountains.

    Rest of the evening is free at leisure. You may choose to go out to explore the local market as Mysore is the best city to witness the cultural heritage of this Indian state. You can go through their local handicrafts, folk music, cuisines and dance forms.

    Day 4: Drive to Chikmagalur

    This morning, have your leisurely breakfast at the hotel and then check-out to proceed towards your next destination that is – Chikmagalur “The coffee land of Karnataka”. En-route we will take a short break at another beautiful and ancient site that is – Halebidu

    Halebidu – Halebidu is a small city which is well-decorated with beautiful group of temples, shrines and sculptures which provides a perfect glimpse about the culture and heritage of one of the oldest dynasties on Indian ground that is – Hoysala Dynasty. The city is known as “Gem of Indian Architecture” where you go back to the past with its historical monuments and their magnificent architecture.

    • Hoysaleshwar Temple: Hoysaleshwar temple is an ancient 12th century Hindu temple dedicated to the supreme Lord Shiva. This temple is one of the best monuments of Halebid and the most important monument dedicated to Lord Shiva. The main attraction of this temple are the walls and pillars that reflect the stories of great Hoysala soldiers and various other gods.
    • Archeological Museum: It is an open-air museum which provides a perfect glimpse of various art forms of Indian artists with the unique collection of bronze statues, sculptures, statue of dancing Lord Shiva and Lord Ganesha and various other gods.
    • Kedareshwara Temple: Kedareshwara Temple is one of the beautiful Shiva temples in India which was built in 1319 AD by Veer Ballala II, a Hoysala King. The main attraction of this temple is the walls which are encrypted with the various stories of the famous Ramayana, Mahabharata and the Bhagwat Gita.

    Later, after visiting these famous ancient sights of Halebidu we will proceed towards our next stop which is again one of the best ancient sites and known as the twin of Halebidu – Belur “Gem of Indian Architecture”.

    Belur – Belur is a small town situated on the banks of River Yagachiwhich is well-known for some of the world’s most exquisite temples showcasing the unique architecture and art work of young builders of the ancient times. Belur was the capital of Hoysala empire and is decorated with rich culture and heritage of the past.

    • Chennakesava Temple: Chennakesava temple is one the popular tourist spots of the town and a Hindu temple dedicated to Lord Vijayanarayan, incarnation of Lord Vishnu. The temple was built in the 12th century by Vishuvardhana, a Hoysala King using the beautiful Dravidian architecture. The temple was built to celebrate the victory over the Cholas from Chola Dynasty in one of the battles.
    • Kappa Chennigaraya Temple: Kappa Chennigaraya temple is another ancient Hindu temple dedicated to Lord Vishnu which was built around 1117CE by Shantala Devi, wife of a Hoysala King. The main attraction to this temple is the carved sculptures on the doors and ceilings, unique pillars and a dance floor which reflects the rich cultural heritage of India and Hoysala Empire.

    Later, we will proceed to your final destination of today , Chikmagalur. Upon arrival, check-in at the hotel and then the rest of the day is free for leisure.

    Day 5: Local Sightseeing in Chikmagalur

    This day, have your leisurely breakfast and then we will proceed for a full day sightseeing tour of Chikmagalur Visiting all the major tourist places of this beautiful hill station.

    Chikmagalur, is a perfect hill-station situated at the foothills of the western ghats of Karnataka which is well-known as the “Coffee land of Karnataka”. Chikmagalur, is one of the best hill stations in India to spend your leisure and family time with the beautiful landscape and scenic views of the surroundings. This hill-station is paradise for nature and adventure lovers as we have many trekking trails, coffee plantation, rivers, waterfalls, temples and wildlife. One will have a perfect stay with picturesque landscape and lush green hills.

    • Z-Point – This place is only for trekking lovers who are fit to climb up a mountain peak from where you can get a wonderful and lovely panoramic view of the surroundings and the lush green mountains. If you wish to go on for a trek, consider yourself going here early in the morning and before your breakfast.
    • Kemmangundi – A small hill station which is located close to Chikmagalur where you may visit and enjoy the scenic views of the green peaks and blue clouds. Once the place was considered as a summer retreat for the kings of Karnataka, the hill station is decorated with multiple meadows and waterfalls which makes it worth visiting. You can visit Raj Bhawan from where you can enjoy the lovely sunset and sunrise along with the mesmerizing landscapes.
    • Kallathagiri Falls – One of the best places to spend your leisure in the middle of Kemmangundu Hills. This is one of the most popular tourist spots in Chikmagalur where you may visit to witness one of the best wonders of our mother nature. You will fall in love with the cascading waterfalls which makes a natural music of its own attracting tourists from all over the state. Apart from this, the waterfall is surrounded by lush green forest where you may opt to go for a short trek in the lap of nature.
    • Coffee Museum – One of the best places in Chikmagalur where you can learn the art of coffee making and witness some of the rarest coffee forms of the world. The museum is runned by Coffee Board of India which provides an insight about the coffee culture and plantation of coffee in South India.

    Rest of the evening is free at leisure. You may choose to relax at your hotel or go for a short walk close to your hotel.

    Day 6: Drive to Hampi and Local Sightseeing

    This morning. Have your early breakfast and then check-out from your hotel. Today, we will drive to the next destination of this tour that is Hampi – “The lost city of South India”.

    Hampi is a small city located in Bellary district of Karnataka which is well-known all around the world for its ancient Hindu temples, glorious history, ruined historical monuments and their unique architecture. Hampi has served itself as the capital city of the last great Hindu empire of Vijayanagar which flourished here from the 14th century and used to be second-largest medieval-era city in the entire world. The temples are a fine example of Indian art skills and architecture.

    Upon arrival, check-in at your hotel and then we will proceed for a half-day sightseeing tour of this ancient city visiting some of the popular tourist spots of the city.

    • Virupaksha Temple – Virupaksha temple is one of the most popular tourist destinations of the city. The temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva who is present here in the form of Virupaksha. This 7th century temple was built under the rule of Deva Raya II and the main attraction of this temple is the stone inscriptions done on the walls and pillars. The temple is the best example of the rich heritage and culture of Hampi.
    • Elephant Stables – Hampi is well-known for its ancient architecture which can be seen on its ancient structures and buildings. Elephant stables are the 16th century structure which remained intact over the centuries till date. These stables were used as an enclosure for royal elephants of Vijaynagar empire. There are 11 such chambers which are well decorated with Dravidian art.
    • Vithala Temple – One of the most beautiful and impressive structures in Hampi which was built around the 16th century consisting of a famous stone chariot. The temple is the finest example of splendid architecture and rich culture of India and Vijaynagar empire. There are several small temples inside the main courtyard which are unique and different from one another.
    • Coracle Ride – Coracle ride is one of the most famous tourist activities of the city which is present only in very few countries in the entire world. These semi-circular boats are made using bamboo and plastic using which you can float through the ruined part of the city. You can enjoy the beautiful sunset while riding these boats.

    Later, in the evening return back to your hotel and enjoy your lovely stay at one of the hotels booked by Custom Tours India.

    Day 7: Day Tour of Badami, Pattadakal and Aihole

    This morning, you will be taken for a full day excursion tour of the nearby places which also adds charm to Karnataka’s rich culture and heritage. You will be taken to visit the below sites:

    Before we visit the above three sites, we will take a short break at one of the oldest temples of South India – Banashankari Temple.

    • Banashankari Temple – Banashankari temple is one of the most famous Hindu shrines present in Karnataka. Here, the deity of this temple is the “Rahukala” which is not considered fortunate as per Hindu culture. However, people worship “Rahukala” as they believe that “Rahukala” will help people in vanishing with their miseries and poverty and will give them a happy life. The temple is built beautifully using Dravidian and Nagara style of architecture which provides a fine glimpse about Karnataka’s rich culture and heritage.

    Later, we will proceed our journey towards the next destinationBadami – “Capital city of Chalukyas” and will cover all the major sightseeing places mentioned below:

    • Badami Cave Temple – Badami Cave Temple is located in Badami province of Karnataka and it is believed to be one of the oldest and most famous carved temples of Karnataka which was created by Chalukya rulers between the 6th and 7th The temple is carved out of a massive sandstone cliff which provides a fine example about Chalukyas architectural style and their culture. The temple is surrounded by massive rock cliffs which adds more charm to this temple.
    • Bhutanatha Group of Temples – Bhutanatha group of temples is another famous historical site situated in Badami. These temples were built by Chalukya rulers between the 7th and 11th The temples are carved out of the soft sandstone rocks which are found in this area. The bhutanatha temple is dedicated to Bhutanatha, which is another name for Hindu god Lord Shiva.

    Later, we will proceed to our next destination that is Pattadakal – “The land of complex carved temples”. Here, you will be taken to visit two main attractions of this place.

    • Virupaksha Temple –Virupaksha temple is one of the oldest Hindu temples built in the 8th century to celebrate the victory of Vikramaditya II over the Pallavas from Pallava Dynasty. The temple is famous as it houses some of the unique and ancient sculptures and beautifully carved idols of Hindu Gods.
    • Kashi Vishwanath Temple – Kashi Vishwanatha temple is another famous historical monument which was built in the 8th century using the fine Nagara architecture style. The temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva who is the main deity present here. The main attraction of this temple are the pillars which are carved with beautiful female figures, Garuda holding the snakes and horse-shoe shaped sculpture forming an image of dancing Shiva.

    Later, we will proceed towards our last destination of the day, which is Aihole–“Cradle of Indian Architecture”. Here, we will be covering below mentioned tourist spots.

    • RavanaPhadi Cave Temple –RavanaPhadi Cave temple is one of the oldest rock cut cave temples in India which was built around the 6th century and dedicated to Lord Shiva. The main attraction of this temple are the precisely carved pillars and ceiling which reflects the stories about mythology and folklore of Chalukyas Empire.
    • Lad Khan Temple – Lad Khan temple is one of the oldest Shiva temples of South India which was built around the 8th century under the rule of Chalukyas Dynasty. The construction of this temple is a bit different from other monuments as this temple is built using Panchayat Hall Style architecture which is rare in this area. The temple is named after a muslim prince.

    Later, in the evening we will proceed back to Hampi for overnight stay. Rest of the evening is free for leisure.

    Day 8: Depart to Bangalore International Airport

    This morning, enjoy your leisurely breakfast and then check-out from the hotel as per your flight timings. The drive from Hampi to Bangalore will take your through some of the rural areas where you can catch the glimpse of Karnataka’s local village life and their culture. You will be crossing some of the ancient historic sites where your driver will take a short break if you wish to explore the places.

    This 4.5-hour drive will bring you to the last destination that is Bangalore International Airport from where you can catch the flight to your hometown. Also, if you wish to cover any other part of India, then please feel free to tell us so that we can make your tour of India worth remembering.

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