Diwali, the festival of lights celebrates the victory of good over evil and has gained the utmost importance among all the festivals celebrated by Hindus, Sikhs, Buddhists, Jains, and many other castes worldwide. Not only India but countries such as  Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Fiji, Singapore, and Nepal celebrate this glittering festival with great enthusiasm. People across the nations love to visit India during Diwali season, that’s why there is a great demand for Custom Tours India during the month of Diwali.


Know more about Diwali

There are numerous reasons why Diwali is so prominent. Diwali takes place on the fifteenth day of the second dark fortnight of the month of kartika (which usually occurs between October and November each year). The joyous celebration continues for five days and each of these days has a religious and spiritual story attached to it. In this blog, we’ve covered the reasons and a few interesting stories behind each celebration. We are sure that after knowing these great stories, you’re going to fall in love with India and will look forward to custom India tours.

Day 1: Dhanteras

Dhanteras is made of two words- ‘Dhan’ and ‘Teras’. The prefix ‘Dhan’ means wealth and prosperity and the suffix ‘teras’ means the thirteenth day of Krishna Paksh as per the Hindu month calendar. This day is considered the most prosperous day for businesses and most people prefer to purchase silver, gold, or any other valuable article on the day. Buying jewelry or any other valuable product is believed to bring good luck. That’s why women wait for a  long year to buy ornaments on this day.

Not just one, you’ll get to know two interesting stories behind the Dhanteras celebration.

#Story 1: Many people worship Lord Yamraja on this day. According to one of the stories, an astrologer predicted that the King’s son will die within a week of his marriage by snake bite. When his wife got to know about this, she decided to turn the fate. She didn’t let her husband sleep throughout the nights, laid ornaments, coins, and other dazzling things on every window, corner, and door of the house. It is believed that when Yamraja, the God of death came in form of a snake, he was attracted by glittering coins and jewelry. Also, she kept singing melodious songs throughout the night. This way Lord Yamraja got distracted by the witty lady’s tricks and the time to take the prince’s life elapsed. Finally, Lord Yamraja gave up on his mission and the snake left the palace silently in the morning.

#Story 2: Another story is about Lord Dhanvantari, the father of Ayurveda. The day of Dhanteras is also known as Dhanvantari Jayanti celebrated enthusiastically throughout India by the practitioners of Ayurveda. In the temples of South India, mainly in Kerela and Tamil Naidu, Dhanvantari Jayanti is celebrated with great zeal.

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Day 2: Choti Diwali

The second day of the five-day-long Diwali celebration is ‘Choti Diwali’, also known as ‘Naraka Chaturdashi’ ‘Kali Chaudas’, and ‘Roop Chaudas’  It is the day when Lord Krishna, Satyabhama (Lord Krishna’s wife), and Goddess Kali killed the demon, Narkasur. As per the mythological legends, the ruler of Pragjyotishpur – a province in South Nepal, Narkasur threatened Lord Indra and invited him for a battle to rule over heaven. Lord Indra straight away went to Lord Krishna and asked for his help to surpass the demon. Narkasur was destined to be killed by a woman, and that’s why Satyabhama was also invited to join the battle. Lord Krishna attacked Narkasur’s palace and after a long fight and killing other powerful demons, finally, Narkasura was killed by a bow and arrow by Satyabhama. On his deathbed, Narkasura requested Lord Krishna and Satyabhama that his death should be celebrated, not mourned. So, the fourteenth day of the month of Kartik began to be celebrated as Narak Chaturdashi or Choti Diwali in India.

Day 3: Happy Diwali

The third day is the main day of celebration popularly known as Badi Diwali falls on the darkest night ‘Amavasya’ of the Kartik month. Dedicated to the worship of Goddess Lakshmi, this day is celebrated with bursting crackers, lighting candles, and diyas, exchange of gifts and distribution of sweets, family and friends get-togethers, and much more. In the evening, people perform Lakshmi Puja at their homes and workplaces with utmost devotion and pray for the good health and wealth of their family members. It is believed that Goddess Lakshmi graces the earth on Diwali night and showers us with blessings and fortune.

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Various events of ancient epics such as Ramayana and Mahabharta are also related to the Diwali festival. When Lord Rama returned to his town Ayodhya after defeating Ravana and completing his 14 years of exile, everyone in the town welcomed him with lightning candles and decorated their house. To convey the value of spiritual knowledge in our lives, the victory of good over evil, we celebrate Diwali each year.

Also, many great personalities have left their mortal bodies on this auspicious day. Two such great saints are Bhagwan Mahavir and Lord Krishna.

Day 4: Goverdhan Puja

Another auspicious festival in Hindu culture that occurs the day next to Diwali is Goverdhan Puja. On the fourth day of Diwali, the devotees worship ‘Goverdhan Parvat’, a hill located in the Mathura district of North India. Devotees also offer 56 varieties of sweets and food, popularly known as ‘Chappan bhog’ to Lord Krishna. It is believed that Lord Krishna single-handedly lifted the Goverdhan hill on one little finger to save the villagers from extreme rains caused by the anger of Lord Indra. Since then, people started to worship ‘Goverdhan Parvat’. Tourists across the nations love to visit this holy place.

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Day 5: Bhai Dooj

Bhai Dooj marks the end of Diwali celebrations and also the long Diwali holidays for kids and office people. Like Rakshabandhan, this auspicious festival celebrates the unconditional love and bond of brother and sister The emotions and feelings between siblings can never be expressed in words. But yes, there are a few festivals in Hindu culture that are dedicated to strengthening the eternal love and bond between a brother and a sister. On the occasion of Bhai Dooj, sisters prey on the well-being,  longevity, and prosperity of their dear brothers. There are different stories behind the ‘Bhai Dooj’ celebration. One popular story says that Lord Krishna visited his sister’s home after killing the demon, Narakasur. Subhadra, Lord Krishna’s sister welcomed him joyously and applied ceremonial tilak on Lord Krishna’s forehead and since then the festival of Bhai Dooj began to celebrate.

Another mythological story related to the origin of this promising day revolves around the story of Yamraj, the God of death, and his sister the Yamuna.  It is believed that Yamraj met his beloved sister the Yamuna on Dwitheye, the second day after Diwali, and thus the day began to be celebrated as ‘Yamadvitya’ across the country.

Experience the candlelights, the sky full of crackers, homes filled with colorful diyas, and the sweet smell of delicious sweets this Diwali. Neat and clean well-decorated house A festival that brings friends and family together.

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