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    Custom Tours to Kargil

    Kargil, a heroic and second largest town in Ladakh, beautifully nestled on the banks of Suru River with an impressive altitude of 8,800 feet above sea level. Well-decorated with natural vistas and rich history, Kargil saw its first ever settlement in the early 8th century who were the royal family of Gilgit (Now lies in Pakistan Occupied Kashmir). Kargil is one of the most important political grounds for India as it is close to the LOC (Line of Control). Leh Ladakh trips and Kargil, is blessed with beautiful landscapes along with several historical sites, sacred mosques and shrines, magnificent buddha statues, rock carved structures and breathtaking valleys. Kargil lies on the main Srinagar-Leh highway which makes it a hot stopover for the tourists passing from here.

    Being close to LOC, many times Pakistani troopers tried to gain access to this land however, every time they were defeated and pushed back by the brave Indian soldiers. The major war happened in the year 1999 when Pakistani troopers disguised as Kashmiri militants took over India’s winter vacated posts. Due to this, Indian armed forces launched a mission in which more than 500 soldiers gave up their life for their motherland and the battle was won by India. Since then, Kargil has been an important political ground which has now developed and completely secured for the tourism sector.

    Along with beautiful vistas and glorious past, Kargil is well flourished with a blend of Aryan, Buddhism and Islamic culture which can be seen in its local language, traditional attire, folk songs and regional cuisines. Now only with Culture however, Kargil tours also attract tourists with the unique style of architecture which can be seen through their houses and buildings. The buildings which are made here are inspired from Turkish and Buddhist architecture.

    Kargil – A Land Full of Adventures and Natural Beauty

    Not only with beautiful landscapes and rich culture, Kargil also attracts millions of travelers annually with its adventurous activities. Are you ready for an enthralling roller-coaster ride? If yes, then Kargil welcomes you with one of the finest Nun-Kum peaks of the majestic Himalayan Mountains. You may choose to go on an expedition to Nun-Kun peak which is the home of one of the biggest glaciers of the Himalayas with a length of 13 kms. In addition to various treks, you may indulge in mountaineering, river rafting, snow skiing and many more activities. Blessed with so many things to do, Kargil is emerging as one of the best destinations in India for adventure seekers.

    Being settled on the banks of Suru River, Kargil is rich in flora and fauna. Blessed with beautiful landscape and fertile soil which is good for agriculture. When it comes to agriculture, Kargil is the top exporter of apricot in India and produces other rabi crops like barley, wheat and peas. Along with this, the landscape also provides better habitat for leopards, wild cats, deer and bears which can be found here.

    When to Visit Kargil?

    The best time to visit Kargil is during the summer months from March till June as the days are quite warm and comfortable while the nights are chiller. The temperature in the summer goes down to 13 degrees Celsius at night. On the other hand, during the months of October to February, the temperature goes down to -50 degrees Celsius sometime which makes it very hard to travel.

    Are you planning to visit Leh and Ladakh on your upcoming vacation? If yes then, rest assured as Custom Tours India will guide you on how you can make your next Leh Ladakh tour worth remembering. Custom Tours India lets you choose your own dates, places of interest and choice of accommodation using which a perfect tailor-made tour is prepared as per your taste. Below are the top sightseeing places to visit in Kargil.

    Top Sightseeing Places to Explore In and Around Kargil

    Suru Valley

    After exploring Zanskar Valley, you need to drive through Pensi La Pass in order to touch the mesmerizing Suru Valley. Suru Valley is located at a distance of 156 kms from Zanskar Valley and 95 kms from Kargil. Suru Valley is considered as a paradise for mountain climbers as it offers several treks and sky-kissing rock mountains which are ideal for mountain climbing. The valley is stationed on the banks of Suru River that originates from the Pensi La Glacier, makes Suru Valley fertile and one of the best landscapes for agriculture. Suru Valley is well-decorated with serene lakes, vast green lands, colorful flowers with the backdrop of majestic Himalayan ranges and clear blue sky. You may take a short halt at Suru Valley while going from Zanskar to Kargil or vice versa.

    Kargil War Memorial

    Kargil War Memorial is one of the most important historical sites in Kargil which is located on the main Leh-Kargil highway. This war memorial is dedicated to the great brave soldiers of the Indian Army who fought fiercely and sacrificed their lives to save mother India. The war took place in the year 1999 and the monument was constructed in the year 2000 showcasing true respect to all the martyrs who lost their lives. The memorial is built using pink sandstone. Along with the memorial, you may also explore Manoj Pandey Gallery where you can take a glimpse of the war and the weapons used by the opposite forces, newspaper cuttings and showcasing the true glory and sacrifice of Kargil.

    Mulbekh Monastery

    If you are exploring Kargil, then a short break at Mulbekh Monastery is a must! Mulbekh Monastery was established 800 years ago which makes it one of the oldest monasteries of Ladakh. The monastery is stationed at a distance of 45 kms from Kargil and is beautifully carved on a single stone. This monastery attracts thousands of travelers because of its unique architecture and design. Along with this, the monastery houses two statues of Buddha in which the main statue is 30 feet tall which houses the idol of Maitreyan Buddha or the future buddha.

    Do you want to explore Kargil? Here you go, Custom Tours India provides complete tailor-made tours which are customized and built as per your taste and preference. We have several Leh Ladakh tour packages which can be customized with other historical and tourist states of India like Delhi, Rajasthan, Karnataka and many more. We make fully private-tour plans which are made specially for you so that you can be your own boss. Along with private-tours, Custom Tours India also deals in group tour packages which can be tailor-made as per your preferences.