Tailor made tours are the new in-trend category of tours where you are free to choose what is best for you! Being your own boss is a thing which everyone likes. Tailor-made tours, ensures that you follow your own thoughts and ideas about your hard-earned vacations. While opting for Tailor-made tour packages, you have complete freedom to choose your number of days, preferred places to explore, having your taste of cuisines and staying in your type of hotels. Tailor-made tours provide a perfect platform for your vacation where everything will be customized and arranged specially for you considering your desires and comforts. 

Tailor-made tours are a better option for those who want to have complete privacy and comfort rather than following a certain travel plan or a bunch of people. With our tailor-made tours in India, you have full authority to do and to change your travel plan at the last minute as well! However, going on a regular tour restricts you with fixed stop-overs, fixed travel plans and stays where you do not have options to change anything. Tailor-made tour packages, offers various customized tours where you can explore places according to yourself. 

Booking a tailor made tour from a wide range of customized tours can be relaxing as you do not need to sit on these search engines to build a preferred tour. You do not have to waste time looking for hotels, places to explore, flight booking and other tour related stuff. However, opting for a tailor-made tour under the guidance of a travel professional will make your work a lot easier and relaxing. Tailor-made tours come up with a 100% guarantee about a perfect dream holiday as you just have to share your choices and everything will be arranged by the professionals. Tailor-made India tours come with a variety of customized tours in India where you just have to take a break from the hustle and bustle of your regular life and spend a few days exploring new places. 

Leave Worries at Home and Travel with a Tailor Made Tour

Tailor made tours help you in building strong connections with the travel planners who work hard to make your dream holidays come into reality. There are numerous options within luxury private tours India where you just have to share your choices and pack to bags as we are here to arrange everything as per your taste and preferences. Custom Tours India is one of the leading travel companies where everything you have dreamt of can come true! Custom Tours India, ensures that we provide best in class services when it comes to tailor-made tour packages and group tour packages in India

Custom Tours India, always keep your comfort and preferences first before anything as it is your hard-earned money which will be put in place. Along with fully customized private tours in India, we are one of the leading tour operators in India who arrange group tours in India keeping your comfort at first place. Please visit our list of tour packages in India which can be customized as per your taste.

Benefits of Opting for a Tailor-made Tour in India 

Choose Yourself

Tailor-made tours is a travel option where you can choose from a variety of travel related services as per your comfort and pocket. With tailor-made tour packages, you become your own boss and choose your kind of hotels, places to explore, number of days and way of transportation. No matter if you are coming as a solo traveller, in a couple, with your friends and family or a large group with our customized tours everything can be arranged as per your choices and preferences. 

Your Mode of Transportation 

With our exclusive tailor-made tours in India, you are free to choose your mode of transportation. You may choose to take in-country flights, a private vehicle or a train journey within cities. Custom Tours India, arranges everything for you as per your taste and choices. If you wish to explore different parts of India with a private car and driver that can be arranged as well. So, tailor made tour packages provide various options where you may opt to travel as per your comfort and choice. 

Private Services

Tailor-made tours let you explore the new places with complete luxury as everything will be arranged as per your need and keeping you in mind. With our exclusive tailor-made tour packages, we will arrange excellent tour guides and escorts who will be with you all the time explaining the true stories and history of every monument and city. Along with this, all the travel experiences will be arranged specially for you taking care of every single need for you. 

Plan Your Own Travel Idea

If you want to explore different sides of India on a single vacation and are worried how it can be done, then do not worry. Tailor-made tours allow you to share your own idea about the vacation. No matter, if you want to visit North, South, East or West in a single holiday, we will make it happen with our customized tour covering every place you want to explore. With our tailor-made tour packages, you just have to share your idea and we will work hard to bring a perfect vacation come alive. 

Exclusive Experiences

With Tailor made tours, every experience this country has to offer will be exclusively arranged for you. If you are on a fixed tour pattern or a large group then you will not be able to experience India completely. So, with our tailor-made tours we try to deliver the best customized tour where you can choose your experience and activity that can be arranged exclusively for you. Here, let’s say you do not wish to go for a rickshaw ride in Delhi, however, you want to opt for Elephant ride in Jaipur. So, you just have to choose and every experience will be arranged exclusively for you. We do offer a wide range of experiences like rickshaw ride in old Delhi, camel ride in desert, elephant ride at Amber fort, visiting a local family for dinner, celebrating any Indian festival, cooking and Bollywood dance classes and many more. 

Choose your Budget

Budget is an important part while planning a vacation as it is your hard earned money. However, with tailor-made tours, you just have to share your budget and choices, rest everything will be organized and shared by a travel planner. As per your budget, you just have to go through our suggested travel itinerary and confirm your seats. However, on the other hand, when planning a regular fixed tour, you do not have the option to choose your vacations and budget. You just have to pay a fixed amount and follow the group rather than your own choices. So, with customized tours you will have an option to share your budget and a perfect travel plan along with travel services will be in front of you!

Unique Travel Plan

With our exclusive tailor made tours you just have to share an image regarding your thoughts about places and a unique travel plan will be prepared exclusively for you. This unique travel plan will be built according to your taste like stop-overs, meal timings, place you wish to explore, number of days and type of companion you want as your private chauffeur. 

Quality Time with Loved Ones

Why do people want to travel? People want to travel often so that they can get a break from their regular life and spend some quality time with their family and friends. However, if you choose to travel with a pre-defined or a fixed tour then you will not have a quality time. Here, tailor-made tours come into picture! With our tailor-made tours we make fully customized tours in India where you can have full privacy and can spend some quality time with your loved ones. If you wish to take a day off or change a plan at any time, Custom Tours India can make the changes instantly. 

These above mentioned are the prime benefits of choosing tailor-made tours for your upcoming vacations. Tailor-made tour packages are customized tours which are made exclusively for you keeping your choices and preferences in the first place. If you want to travel in luxury then Custom Tours India offers several options from a wide range of luxury private tours India which can be built as per your taste and convenience. Custom Tours India, also deals in group tours where you can go through our group tour packages which can be built as per our tailor-made tour packages. If you are planning to visit in a large group, then Custom Tours India can make a group tour of India for you.

In Custom Tours India, we say that – “Worry Less and Enjoy More! That is how a Tailor-made Tour Works!”