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    Auli is a place which holds some of the raw aspects of our mother Earth. Auli, is a bag full of natural beauty which is well-decorated with apple orchards, rustic oak trees and dense pine forests along with majestic snow-capped peaks of great Himalayan mountains. Auli is a popular destination amongst adventure seekers as this place is the best place for skiing in India, hence known as “Skiing capital of India”. Not only this, Auli also offers some of the astonishing views of Himalayan mountains, lush green meadows and forests, blue water lakes and adventurous points for camping.

    Auli, is one of the oldest Hill-stations in India which is dated back to 8th century and is situated at 2,800 m above the sea level which is well-known for its majestic snowy slopes as 9000 feet above sea level. This hill-station is well surrounded by numerous pilgrimage sites which attracts devotees from all over the Country. In addition to this, the alluring vistas, astonishing wooden bungalows and magical beauty of this hill-station makes it worth visiting.

    Auli, is also rich in vegetation as the land is rich in minerals and organic resources which can be seen in summers as the complete meadows are decorated with wildflowers, high-rising trees of oak, pine and deodar as the snowy slopes get converted into lush green meadows. Along with the stunning views of Himalayan peaks, the place is well-adjourned with artificial mountain lakes, blue water streams, forest trails, religious points, ropeways and camping sites.

    Custom Tours India, would like to welcome to this beautiful hill-station which is covered with thick snowy slopes making this place ideal for skiing and adventure seekers. The complete valley has romantic vistas and vibes which will truly make you fall in love with this fascinating hill-station. Below mentioned are the top places to explore in Auli.

    Top Sightseeing Places to Explore in Auli

    Snowy Slopes for Skiing

    Auli has the best sloppy mountain peaks which are covered with snow and are best for skiing. The peaks are well covered with high-rising oak and pine trees which decreases the speed of wind and provides a wonderful ground for ski lovers. Along with this, these peaks provide astonishing views of great Himalayan peaks like Mt. Nanda Devi, Mana Parbat, Nar Parbat and many more popular peaks.

    Gurso Bugyal

    A short yet beautiful trek of 3 kms from Auli will take you to one of the popular spots named, Gurso Bugyal. This place is well-covered with snow however, in summers the place turns into a vast land of lush green vegetation which makes it more beautiful as the surrounding hills are decorated with thick layers of white snow which makes this place a perfect spot to witness the jewels of mother nature.

    View Points

    Auli, has numerous viewpoints where you can trek for a day and enjoy the magnificent view of Himalayan peaks and mother nature. However, one of the best spots to witness the splendid view of Auli is available from Hanuman Temple. This is the place where Lord Hanuman rested for a while when he was on his way to bring medicine for Lord Ram’s brother, Lakshman. You can enjoy the alluring view of this beautiful hill-station on the way to the temple via the world’s highest cable car present in Auli.

    Kwani Bugyal

    Kwani Bugyal is another 12 kms long trek which starts from Gurso Bugyal. This trek passes through the surreal beauty of Himalayan mountains and thick forest of pine and oak trees. Once you reach the top, you may sit and relax to witness the mesmerizing view of the Himalayas or you may set up your camp to stay overnight.

    Auli Artificial Lake

    Auli Artificial Lake is the world’s highest man-made lake which is located near Clifftop Auli. This lake is surrounded by lush green meadows and snowy peaks of Himalayan ranges. The lake also acts as a water-reservoir and is beautifully placed in the middle of sky-kissing peaks of Himalayan mountains.