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    Jalandhar Tour Packages

    Jalandhar, is the sincere reflection of the strong history of Punjab which was once the part of Indus Valley Civilization. Jalandhar is well-known for its rich heritage and vibrant culture. The city has seen almost every era of Punjab from the time of before independence of India to becoming one of the modern cities of Punjab. Jalandhar tour is the perfect mixture of Punjab’s mouth-watering taste, vibrant culture and rich history. Jalandhar has served itself as one of the major destinations which took part in the freedom movement of India.

    Jalandhar tour packages, will let you witness the great history of pre-independence of India. Jalandhar was once an old rustic town which was surrounded by 12 gates to enter the city, several colonies and localities which have been destroyed by several invaders. Jalandhar is one of the oldest cities of Punjab which has seen several empires like Hindus, Sikhism and British. Jalandhar tour packages, will let you explore this wonderful city that is well-dotted by several lush green gardens, museums showcasing the real side of Punjab’s culture and traditions, historic monuments, ancient temples and gurudwaras.

    Vibrant Culture of Punjab through Jalandhar Travel Packages

    Getting bored of historic places and monuments? Not to worry, as Jalandhar tour has some of the famous local markets where you can find amazing products produced locally and exported throughout the world. Among the famous products, the city is the largest exporter of Sports products and known as “Sports capital of India”. In addition to this, the city holds one of the largest leather industries which exports leather goods world-wide. You can also explore some other markets which have great collections of traditional dresses like Salwar Suits and Punjabi Juttis. Along with shopping, the city is popular for its classical dance forms like Jhumar and Gidda. When it comes to music, Jalandhar is well-known for its folk music – Bhangra listening to which your body parts will start dancing automatically.

    Custom Tours India, would love to have you with us for your upcoming tour in India where we will design a perfect customized tour of India for you. If you want to explore Jalandhar along with other popular cities of Punjab then Custom Tours India can arrange a perfect tailor-made tour of India and Punjab for you. Below mentioned are the top sightseeing places in Jalandhar which you may visit during your upcoming tour of India.

    Top Sightseeing Places to Visit in Jalandhar

    Rangla Punjab Haveli

    Jalandhar Tour is not complete without visiting Rangla Punjab Haveli. Rangla Punjab Haveli is an authentic restaurant which has been built to showcase the authentic Punjabi village and its lifestyle. You will enjoy visiting this place as it is an open-air live museum where you can cherish the vibrant culture of Punjab, lifestyle and art forms. There are several performances like classical dance shows, puppet shows, music shows and various arts. You can enjoy various mouth-watering cuisines of Punjab and food culture.

    Devi Talab Mandir

    Devi Talab Mandir is one of the oldest temples in Jalandhar which is almost 200 years old. This ancient temple is dedicated to Goddess Durga, an incarnation of Goddess Sati (consort of Lord Shiva). The main attraction of this temple is the sacred tank where people take dip to get blessing and salvation. Along with this, the temple houses a classical music competition which has been held every year for the last 125 years.

    Jang-E-Azadi Museum

    Jang-E-Azadi is a museum which has been built to showcase the real culture and traditions of Punjab. The museum holds great articles of Punjab’s history and glory. You can witness the great sacrifice made by Punjab in the Independence movement of India. You will be amazed to go through the newspaper cuttings, pictures and articles showcasing the struggle of Punjab during pre-independence. The main attraction of this museum is the 15-minute 3D movie and laser show which telecast the freedom movement of India and efforts of Punjab.

    These are the top sightseeing places to visit in Jalandhar which you may consider during your next holidays in Punjab. Custom Tours India, will help you in planning your tailor-made tours of India including Jalandhar and other cities of Punjab and India.