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    Tso Moriri Lake Ladakh

    There are few places on Earth about which words fall short while speaking and the more we praise the beauty of such places, the less it is. These places of the mother Earth and nature are the true gifts to mankind. One such place is the – Tso Moriri Lake in Ladakh. This lake is nestled in the lap of majestic Himalayan peaks and away from the hustle bustle of the touristy places. Being a little bit off the roads in Ladakh, the place is still less-explored and remains the true gem of Ladakh. Tso-Moriri guided tours draw thousands of tourists every year which gets charmed by its heavenly colors which change from time to time. Sometimes, the color of the lake water is sky blue and rest of the time its dark bluish which truly makes it a precious gift of nature to humans. The very first glance of the lake will make you struck by the captivating vistas of the water body, blue skies with cotton like clouds and surrounding brownish mountains of great Himalayas. You may also witness some of the colorful prayer flags around the lake which adds more charm to the beauty of this lake.

    Tso-Moriri has great religious values among the locals and is considered a sacred lake by the Ladakhi’s. The lake is well-preserved and protected under the “Wetland Conservation Reserve” and is known as “Highest Altitude Ramsar Site” hence, there are strict restrictions of all kinds of settlements close to the lake. In order to visit the lake, you need to leave your vehicles at Karzok Village and walk for a while. Along with this, there are no permissions of putting a camp or a tent close to the lake. This place is truly a paradise for photographers and nature lovers.

    Amazing Activities Offered by the Heavenly Lake – Tso Moriri

    Tso Moriri is one of the most beautiful lakes of Ladakh that is spread over a sprawling area. The lake is 28 kms long and 8 kms wide. The lake is positioned at an altitude of 14,836 feet above sea level in a peaceful and calm region of Ladakh. Well-known as one of the most breathtaking lakes in Ladakh and India, Tso-Moriri has so many beautiful activities to offer to its visitors. You can indulge yourself in activities like bird watching, photography, trekking, exploring view-points, star-gazing and a short trip to a monastery located in a nearby village. Being one of the less explored regions of Ladakh, Tso Moriri still holds its authentic charm and shine. The main source of water for this lake is the water springs and the snow which melts into water during summers.

    How to Reach Tso Moriri?

    Tso Moriri, is well-installed in the rupsha valley or changthang region of Ladakh. The lake is located at a distance of 240 kms from Leh which passes through one of the highest motorable roads in India – Taglang La Pass which has an impressive altitude of 17,480 feet above the sea level. On the way to Tso Moriri, you will have several captivating vistas and splendid viewpoints. Along with this, you may also take a short halt at two high-altitude lakes of Ladakh – Tso Kar and Tso Kyagar. While coming from Leh, the lake is well-connected with roads till Debring; however, post this place you need to drive on a deserted road. You will be passing through several quaint villages, rugged valleys and view-points which will make your road journey more amazing. If roads seem to bore you, then you do have another option! Here, you can opt for a trek which starts from Rumtse that passes through seven high altitude peaks and 12 river crossings.

    Flora and Fauna of Tso-Moriri and Nearby Region

    Tso-Moriri, is one of the most splendid lakes in Ladakh which has rich flora and fauna. Tso-Moriri is actually alkaline in nature due to which there is no aquatic life however, the lake is well-decorated with 34 species of birds that are found here in which 14 species are of water birds. Popular species found here are black-necked cranes, brown-headed gulls and black-necked grebe. You may also see amazing mammals here like snow-leopards, Tibetan wolves, great Tibetan sheep, Himalayan blue sheep and many more. Hence, the lake and the surrounding regions are well-flourished with rich flora and fauna. Along with this, Tso-Moriri is one of the highest alkaline lakes in the world.

    Permit and Documents Required to Visit the Tso Moriri Lake

    Being nestled close to the international fronts, Tso-Moriri Lake is an important ground for the Indian Government. Hence, there are certain rules and regulations which must be followed in order to visit this pristine lake. All the tourists, no matter Indian or International, need to visit the DM office, Leh in order to get a special permit to visit the lake. You need to have an “inner line permit” that allows you to explore the lake and stay there for 3 days. Since no camping, tents and housing are allowed close to the lake, you need to book your stay in advance in the nearby villages as they run homestays, eco-camps and hotels. Along with this, please make sure you carry photocopies of your original documents all the time.

    How to Prepare Yourself for the Tso-Moriri Expedition?

    As the lake is stationed at a high-altitude and covered by majestic peaks of Himalayan mountains you need to prepare yourself with plenty of things. The oxygen level present at this lake is very low so it is advisable not to come with your parents and family members if they are old. Along with this, you need to bring plenty of woollen clothes and winter jackets as the winds are chilly all the time. In addition to this, make sure you have the correct number of mountain sickness tablets and first-aid kit in case of emergency. The region around the lake has less options for restaurants and hotels so carry your water bottles and packed food which you can have anytime. However, do not throw your waste anywhere. Also, as the vehicles are allowed to a certain limit, do carry a good pair of sports or trekking shoes as you will need to walk for a while.

    Best Time to Visit Tso-Moriri Lake

    Tso-Moriri, receives heavy snow during the winter months from January to March hence, the lake remains frozen at this time and most of the roads are closed during this time. So, the best time to visit this lake is during the summer months when roads are open and snow starts to melt slowly in the lake. So, plan your holidays accordingly so that you can explore this beautiful creation of God at its best. The best time to visit this lake is during the months of May to August when the lake turns bluish and shines like a big blue topaz stone in a dry land.

    Tso-Moriri, is one of the most fascinating lakes present in Ladakh which still holds its charm and beauty. The lake attracts thousands of nature lovers and travelers from different parts of the globe.

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